Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so important to hire a wedding videographer?
Wedding videography is an investment, one that definitely deserves to be a priority when it comes to your wedding. After all, is said and done, your wedding photos and videos are what you have to remember your day by!

Luckily for some, video has been becoming a priority which makes a lot of sense! Think about it... It's really the only way for you to re-experience your wedding in motion. There are so many moments that occur in between photos being taken, and all of those moments are what makes the video the closest thing to what you see in your memory, and when the memory fails to help you remember, you'll feel that hiring a wedding videography was the most precious hire of your wedding.

You'll be able to revisit your vow readings, and remember all the jokes your best friend cracked in the speech he made for you guys!

In the end, having your wedding videos will bring back your day to life by just pushing play. You'll have great videos edited to your liking and a memory that will stay with you for years and years to come.

Is the video duration fixed?
No. The durations mentioned in my presentation are only a guaranteed minimum. Depending on the activities on your day, the videos can get slightly longer. My main goal is that each video makes sense to you and is also a representation of who you are as a couple.

How do we get the videos?
You'll always get them through online links where you can easily download and share with your friends and family. If you choose the custom USB drive though, you will also receive them via mail.

Do you make them public on the internet?
The videos will only be public if you so choose so. I can make them private, be it through a private link or with password access. Usually, the long video stays private and only the short video is made public. It's also usual that I show the long videos to my future clients, but I always do it in-person privately. If you don't agree with this, you can just let me know and everything regarding your wedding videos will remain totally private.

Can we challenge you to film different things?
Please do! I love new challenges!

How is your relationship with other wedding vendors?
Really good. This job as made me realize how important each vendor is to each wedding and I do my best to provide as much help as I can. I usually get in touch with some vendors just in case I need to know some more details. Here are some of my usual partners and people I work with whose work I highly recommend: Filipe Santiago, Lapela Photography, The Framers, Lchacal, Luciano Reis, Madalena Tavares, Gustavo Simões, Bernardo Gouveia, Ruben Costa, Your Jukebox, Sofia Nascimento Studios, Tales, KUP, Side By Side Wedding, and so many others.

How should we handle payments?
First, you give me your date and I check my availability as soon as I can. If I am available, you will receive my interactive presentation, where you will be able to see my prices and information. But that's not the only thing you can do there, as you will also be able to make a reservation request. After accepting my terms and conditions and submitting the request, you should receive an email with a summary as well as the payment information for a 400€ non-refundable reservation fee. The rest of the payment should be made on the week prior to the wedding day.

What can we expect from you?
My best! I'm genuinely interested in meeting you and trying to know you as best as I can before the wedding. You can expect dedication and respect because I know how important it is for you to have good videos to help you remember your day. I will make a real effort to be helpful in any way I can and I always end up mirroring your behavior. So if you are super energetic and super engaging, it's possible that by the end of the night, I have already danced and celebrated with you!

Do you have an hourly limit?
Yes, I do. 12 hours.

Do you film more than one wedding per day?
No, I don't! On your day, I will be fully focused on your wedding.

How many weddings do you do per year?
I film around 18 weddings every year, which always results in at least double the number of videos I have to create since most of the couples end up choosing the Short video + Long video. More than that makes it almost impossible to keep up with all of the work involved in the editing, which might eventually end up hurting the quality of each video.

Can we meet up?
Of course! Call me or email me so we can arrange that. If you are far away, we can do it over a video call. It is actually ideal for me to get to know you before you proceed with the reservation.

How long until the videos are delivered?
The estimated delivery time is around 8 months after I have everything I need to start editing. Usually, couples decide to choose the music for the long video and sometimes they take a while until they send me the music list, something that might delay that turnaround time. But the last thing I want is to create something that is going to feel rushed. I'm going to need time to create great videos that will live with you for a long, long time. If I end up finishing them earlier than expected, I'll be sure to surprise you!

How would you describe the style of your videos?
Real! I always try my best to make you feel the same things you felt throughout your day. I like a clean and smooth look and I strive to make them as honest as I can. It is super important for me that you like my style and it is also really important that you choose me based on that.

Can we choose the music for our videos?
It is essential that the song resonates with you! Usually, for the long video, I ask o give me the list of the songs that played during each moment in your day. You can also choose the music for the short video, but usually, I'm the one doing it. I'll choose it based on your story, based on what I felt on your day with a mixture of my personal taste. You can listen to my personal taste in all the videos I have on this site.

Are you willing to travel to film our wedding?
Of course! I love to travel! But to give you an idea, when I travel for work, these are the things I need to be covered for me (I promise, I am not a diva): Flight, accommodations for two nights, and transportation. I always like to arrive the day before the event as early as possible to avoid being late (due to any flight issues that might happen), and I'll also stay the night of the wedding. I charge my normal pricing + the expenses of travel. Why? I will be out of my office for multiple days (which means I will likely be behind on my work), I'll be away from my family, I'll be hauling tens of thousands of dollars of gear in your bag through the airport, I'll be dependent on flights (that sometimes don’t follow the scheduled time) and I may need to apply for work visas' to shoot in a place I'm highly unfamiliar with. So please contact me and tell me where it will be so we can see if we can make it happen.

Do you charge travel and accommodation fees?
I only charge travel and accommodation fees for weddings outside the Greater Lisbon area. International weddings have to be analyzed individually.

Can I contribute with my creative ideas?
Your cooperation is essential in every step of the video creation process. I do recommend you to share these ideas before the wedding, as this is the only way I can take good creative decisions with your ideas in mind during filming.

There's a specific type of video we really like, can you do it that way?
I try my best to create videos that best represent what you are. If you liked the videos I have created for other couples, then you can expect a video that will be done with the same love and intent. But If you find that my style is not a good fit for what you are looking for, you should try your best to hire the videographer that creates the kind of videos you love, even if it is out of your budget because I want you to love your wedding video whether you choose me or not.

Do you make changes to the videos after they are done?
Every video will be edited in a very similar fashion to the ones I have in my portfolio. Every time I deliver a video, I always try to get it perfect the first time. I make a very conscious effort not to include something that would be considered bad taste. Rare technical errors will be fixed with no extra charge asap. However, these errors have to be claimed within the first week of delivery. Small changes are allowed, however, and depending on the circumstances, these will be charged with an hourly rate of 75€. This will apply to changes based on opinions or personal taste, such as: change the music, transitions, remove certain people from the videos, etc.

Do you do other types of events? Do you make corporate videos?
Every now and then I make some different kind of events, but my schedule is almost always full of weddings. Use this email address to contact me and I will then tell you if I'm available to do your project.

Should I worry about anything else?
Filming a wedding can be super exhausting! In order for me to get good energy throughout the day, I only require that you ask and warn the catering that I should have warm meals at the same time you're having. This way we can avoid me having to leave to eat out and/or lose any special moments because of that.

Do you have other questions?
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