My name is João Pedro, I was born in '92 and my passion for video started long ago right from the moment I wanted to be a Jedi. I was that little geek messing with special effects and doing lightsaber videos.

I shot my first wedding in June 2014 and since then, I haven't stopped doing it!


My favorite color is blue, I love everything about life but I'm very curious about everything that has a motor or some sort of tech built into it. Basically, everything that enhances the human ability to move and create. For that reason, I absolutely love the camera I shoot with and also the computer I edit videos on. They allow me to capture your day and turn it into your future memories.

I love Lisbon, but my heart beats for New York City. That's where I got married to my wife Ana on the March 8, 2017. She is my pillar and she empowers me every single day!


Yes... I filmed my own wedding! But I guarantee that nothing compares to having a dedicated videographer on the day of your wedding!

At your wedding, you probably won't even notice me. You'll see me mixed with your guests and almost always with my trustworthy carbon monopod and my beloved camera by my side.

I'm sorry in advance if you find me dancing on your wedding party, or if you catch me checking out the food at your cocktail!

In the end, I'm there to capture your day in the most discrete, genuine way possible without ruining the flow of the day.

But what about you?

About you

You guys have fallen deeply in love for each other and you are always making each other laugh! If you're like me, you're adventurous and you take every opportunity to travel!

You're going to put your heart into this wedding the same way I will put my heart into the capturing and editing of your videos.

You respect all the work involved it comes to creating a great video, and you want me to capture the essence of your wedding. You trust me and you trust my creative choices, but mostly, you're about to have the time of your life!

If this is you... Then the pleasure is mine.